The Transitional Five’s class is designed to serve young 5 year olds who would benefit from another preschool year prior to attending Kindergarten. The class may also enroll children who turn 5 after the Kindergarten cut-off date of August 31st and who are developmentally ahead of peers as determined using an assessment tool and pending approval from the UPPS Committee. The Five’s class has 18 children with two teachers who attend five days per week.  On Monday, Tuesday and Thursday the children have the option to stay for an additional hour for Lunch Bunch.


Emphasis in the Five’s class will be placed on developing: successful social relationships, independent thinking skills, problem solving, and strengthening cognitive skills. All material is presented in a developmentally appropriate manner allowing children to be active participants in learning. In our language arts lessons our objective is to provide the necessary skills to build a strong foundation for your child’s reading and writing development as well as to foster an appreciation and enjoyment of literacy activities and a love of books. To that end, we use a combination of phonics and whole language abilities.