We receive many kind notes from parents about what UPPS means to them so we decided to share a few below.



"Dear UPPS Staff,
Our journey to UPPS started with my husband coming to interview for PHD programs at both Duke and UNC.  He was on a year long deployment at the time to Qatar and the air force sent him back for 4 days to go to the interviews.  Knowing this may be the only chance we would have prior to moving to look at schools, I also sent him to some preschools to tour while he was here.  He looked at a couple, then while in a local real estate office someone mentioned UPPS.  He called and Ellen gave him a tour the next day.  He immediately called me and said this is the school for our kids.  He was right.  
So we applied and our son was given a spot in the twos and our daughter was on the waiting list for the fives.  We were lucky to get a spot for our daughter in the fives during the 2012-2013 school year.  This was her 4th preschool in 4 years but she immediately loved it and made great friends.  Our son took a little longer to warm up to going to school in general but has definitely grown to love it.   Both my husband and I have also loved being part of this school.  The past few weeks I have been brainstorming what makes this school better than the other preschools we have been involved with.  The easy answer is the staff.  Every person on the staff comes ready to give all the children their love, support and energy every day.  I know we all have bad days as adults but you would never know the staff at your school is anything but happy.  Also, how the teachers in each class compliment each other so wonderfully!  
My second thought on what makes this school different is the sense of calm in the classroom.  I have never seen two year old classes that are so quiet and peaceful, which I think really puts kids at ease.  I have always seen the kids having a great time but in such and organized and appropriate setting that doesn't stress them like chaos in a classroom.   
Lastly, everything at this school is in the best interest of the child.  I remember when our daughter was a two year old in preschool and they had a night time Christmas program where all the kids were on a stage (even two year olds) singing.  It was awful!  Most of the kids were crying and it felt like the entire thing was just for the parents benefit and not at all about the kids.  The thought didn't occur to me how inappropriate that was until we went to the Christmas sing along when Luke was in the twos.  Kids sat with their parents, in their comfort zone, at the right time of day and sang a couple songs if they wanted to.  Completely what we should expect from a two year old.  
We would like to express our heartfelt gratitude and thanks to this school for welcoming our family and making us instantly feel apart of the school community.   We feel so blessed to have been involved with all of you!"





"As new members of UPC with a baby who often cried in the nursery, our church attendance was sporadic at best.  While we loved the church and pastors, we had not fully immersed ourselves.  We had not met very many people.  We were not active in the many church programs.  We did not yet feel at home.  That all changed when our son enrolled in UPPS as a 2 year old.  The building and its people quickly became our church and our church family.  We met other parents and grandparents who were members.  We became more familiar with all that UPC had to offer.  We loved everything about the preschool and were proud to tell other families that this was also our church.  We invited young families to attend with us.  We quickly made friends.  We found a home.  We are immensely grateful for the nurturing, loving preschool years that our two boys were fortunate enough to experience.  We have moved on from preschool and become involved in Church School, choir and worship.  We are so proud to be part of this church family, and we consider UPPS an important part of this wonderful place."