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For the Parents

As a parent at UPPS, you are not required to fulfill any volunteer hours.  However, we have an open door policy and would love for you to be in the classroom as little or much as you'd like. There are class parties around the holidays and you are welcome to visit or volunteer in the classroom when it's convenient for you.  We have several other events outside of school hours.



In the fall, we have a Wheel-a-Thon for the families of UPPS to connect early in the year.  This is a fun family event that also helps us raise money for the preschool through pledges on how many "laps" your preschooler rides.  Children are invited to decorate whatever wheels they would like to bring, including bikes, trikes, scooters, strollers, etc.  We will have fun games, a bake sale, a possible teacher race and a casual environment where families can get to know each other.  

Winter Carnival

In the late winter/early spring we have our Winter Carnival.  The carnival is a wonderful opportunity to bring our families together for a fun event at school.  There are age appropriate carnival games, dinner is served and there is a a silent auction that benefits our scholarship fund.


The last day of school is marked by an all school Family Picnic at Camp New Hope.  The 4's and 5's get to spend the entire last week out at Camp New Hope and participate in hikes around the pond, field games, art projects, camp stories and much more.  The 2's and 3's are dismissed early from school on Friday and then head out to Camp New Hope to join the 4's and 5's.  All students and families gather by the camp fire for camp songs and then share a picnic lunch.  It's a great way for families and teachers to mingle before they separate for the summer.

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