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Entrance Requirements

Children must reach the appropriate class age by August 31. The Director will make exceptions on a case by case basis.

Toilet Training

Children are not expected to enter the two-year-old class toilet trained. The facilities prevent the teachers from adequately staffing the three, four, and transitional five classes if they need to frequently leave to diaper children. Parents are encouraged to talk with the director if these children are not toilet trained.

Special Needs

Children with special needs will be considered if they do not require extraordinary teacher supervision and/or special facilities.

Health Forms + Immunization

Parents are required to sign a parental medical consent form which lists emergency phone numbers to be used by the school in case parents can not be reached. This form also states the medical procedure which will be followed by the school in case of a medical emergency. A current record of all immunizations and a copy of the child’s last well child exam are required.

Transitional Fives

Parents of children applying to the transitional five-year-old class are asked to speak with the Director concerning the appropriateness of this class for their child. Observation of this class and the four-year-old class can be arranged so parents can learn of differences in the two classes (i.e., schedule, curriculum, expectations).

Priority Status For Enrollment

For the Two's Class:

  • UPC member’s children

  • Siblings of currently enrolled UPPS students (lottery will be used if necessary)

  • Siblings of previously enrolled UPPK, UPPS, or MMO students (lottery will be used if necessary)

  • General public (by lottery)


If more applications are received than there are spots available in the Two's classes, non-priority applications will be placed in a lottery for selection to fill the remaining spaces and to begin the wait list. The lottery will be conducted after January 22nd. Names of applicants received after this time, are added to the bottom of the wait lists.

For the Three's and Four's Classes and Transitional Five's Class:

  • Currently enrolled children of UPC members

  • Currently enrolled children

  • Children of UPC members, according to the date the application was received

  • Siblings of currently UPPS children

  • Siblings of previously enrolled UPPK, UPPS, or MMO students

  • General public

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