Enrollment for 2021-22

We will begin enrollment for our Fives class in February and Twos, Threes and Fours in March.  To give you a glimpse into a day at UPPS, please join us for age related Information Sessions.

Virtual Information Sessions


Twos Class - January 31st @7pm

Threes Class - TBD

Fours Class - February 7th @ 7pm

Fives Class - January 25th @ 7pm

Please contact us at preschool@upcch.org or admin@upps-ch.com for a link to the Info Session to be held over zoom.

*Please send the $35 processing fee with application.

UPPS Outdoors

In response to Covid-19, we adapted and began "UPPS Outdoors".  We operated with a reduced size classroom 100% outdoors since September.  See below for a snapshot of what that looks like. We hope to resume to a normal classroom in the fall but will follow guidelines and the safety of our children and staff will always come first.  

UPPS completed COVID-19 training and we are a participating #CountOnMeNC 

business! This means when our students return for the new school year we will be implementing enhanced safety measures to help keep everyone in our community safe!

UPPS Teachers & Staff, 

December 2019

University Presbyterian Preschool is a half-day early childhood program serving 2-5 year old children. The preschool provides a safe and nurturing environment while promoting the physical, social, emotional, and intellectual development of young children.



The following goals have been established for the preschool:


  • To encourage children to develop good self-concepts

  • To promote concern for the complete child: emotionally, socially, intellectually, and physically

  • To provide opportunities to develop each child's uniqueness while providing an opportunity for the child to function well in a group

  • To engender excitement about participating in school and for learning


UPPS Mission




UPPS welcomes all children, regardless of their racial or religious background.